Master Igor Privalov is a practicing massage therapist with three years work experience- he considers that his calling card is a Chinese massage "Gouache" technology. This type of massage heals the body and gives instant results, it is giving by a plate of buffalo horn soaked in Tibetan herbs.

One procedure "Gouache" replaces the usual 15 massage procedures. It is recommended for the prevention of chronic diseases, and for improving the overall tone and immunity, to reduce weight and improve metabolism. Full course "Gouache" (10-20 sessions) results in an overall improvement and rejuvenation of the body. The duration of a single session is about one-one and half hours.

Anti-cellulite massage of this master is also especially popular. This technique is aimed at correcting the hypodermic fatty layer. With the help of special equipment massage therapist affects the problematic areas of the body: the buttocks, thighs, stomach. Due to anti-cellulite massage, your skin regains its tone, it becomes smooth and elastic. The price of this service includes a nice bonus - honey wrap.

Master comes to the customer in any area of the city, as well as in outside the Ring Road.