The Waterloo Gastro Pub of the Italy Group introduces the classical culinary traditions of Belgium to its guests.

Modesty and innovation

While the classical traditions are honored at The Waterloo, the local cuisine, the choice of drinks and the interior do not lack originality. The local menu is very much diversified with the treats made using the smokehouse. Many meat and fish dishes and a huge amount of toppings are smoked on site. In addition to the popular smoked dishes (pork ribs, cod, trout, marble brisket and so on), in The Waterloo you can enjoy delicious burgers, mussel dishes and, of course, the famous Liege waffles.

Excellent beer and something more

Traditional Belgian restaurants of the Italy Group put an emphasis of the bar list on a large selection of beer. In addition to the traditional beer originating from Belgium, here you are treated to the exclusive craft Waterloo beer, which is brewed in the brasserie of the village of the same name. Beer connoisseurs will definitely be puzzled in such an extensive offer.

In The Waterloo Gastro Pub you can get an idea of the many beer sorts thanks to the tasting sets. The bar list also offers a good range of strong spirits, classic and signature cocktails and wines of the Old World.

Minimalism and pithiness

The interior of the place is also very impressing. The deliberately harsh dark vaulted ceilings, the gorgeous tiered chandelier, the leather sofas concise in their design, the massive wooden furniture, the bar counters decorated with copper, the unique lamps made of papier-mache. Despite the apparent brutality of the interior, the atmosphere here is warm and welcoming.

The Waterloo Gastro Pub is a great place for watching the sports matches and celebrating the important events.

Working hours: 12 pm - 2 am

Address: Rubinshteina Street, 12

Subway station: Dostoyevskaya, Mayakovskaya