The best gift for any woman is getting rid of the routine duties of a housewife. The service "Clear-out" is the best solution to the problem of maintaining cleanliness in the house. Enjoy, all the housework care we take over!

The service includes general cleaning of the apartment area of 100 square meters:

  • mopping
  • cleaning of carpets
  • cleaning of furniture and armrests (available surfaces)
  • wet wiping of mirrors and glass surfaces
  • cleaning of the external surfaces of the refrigerator, stove and microwave oven
  • Washing of sink, bath, toilet
  • washing of lighting fixtures
  • washing of plinths, tile in kitchen, batteries and pipes (available)
  • dry cleaning of furniture

Duration: 4 hours.

The total duration of cleaning depends on time and type of pollutants. Cleaning products and materials are included in the cost.

The service activation

The validity of the gift is 3 months from date of purchase. Activation must be done at least 2 days prior to the service provision.

Cleaning of additional metric area can be paid separately.