The Piano Piano Restaurant is a wonderful place that is certainly worth visiting for those who admire Italy, delicious food and excellent wine.

Quiet and relaxing Piano Piano

The restaurant has gained its name in honor of the rosé wine originating from Tuscany. The thing is that the very kind of grape which is necessary for the production of this wine ripens very slowly - piano piano. Here you will have the same slow and hearty pastime. It is as if the time stands still resisting the hustle and bustle of the big city and promising the pleasure from the local delicacies and drinks.

Gastronomic advantages

The local menu is quite simple in terms of the number of dishes. No wonder, after all, brevity is the soul of wit. Having tasted the delicious steaks, the warm octopus salad, the tar-tar with beef or the «Caesar», you will join us in this opinion and personally verify the skills of local cooks. The cuisine of The Piano Piano Restaurant is highly esteemed by both citizens and foreigners.

Italy in the center of St. Petersburg

The restaurant is located in the heart of picturesque St. Petersburg, a walking distance from the Smolny Cathedral. The founders of the place were not frightened by such difficulties. As a result, the restaurant today pleases and amuses its guests with delicious food and good wine.

By the way, about the wine

The local wine list is extremely diverse. In The Piano Piano, you can taste wine from any of the offered options, and that is more than 150 samples from the best wine makers in the world. In the middle of the dining hall one can see a huge wine casket, which is not only an interesting element of the interior, but also a unique method of storing such collection wines as «Best Amarone», «National Merlot of Italy» and «One of the first Super Tuscan».

Working hours: 12 pm - 12 am

Address: Smolny Prospect, 5

Subway station: Chernyshevskaya