4 hours

Excursion type

By car

Place of the beginning and the end of an excursion

On request

Time of the beginning of an excursion, frequency

On request

What’s included in the price

Guide service, transport service, tickets to Saint Isaac's Cathedral and Colonnade


Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or any other on request

  • Applications in high season are accepted in advance due to high rate of guide employment.
  • Visit to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and colonnade (a visit to the latter is possible only during the warm season)
  • The excursion foresees making stops for taking photos. Our guide will advise you on the places for the best photos

First date with the Northern Capital

The introductory part of the tour involves getting an idea of the most important landmarks that form the historical image of the city. You will visit Senate Square, The Field of Mars, The Spit of Vasilyevsky (Basil) Island, Palace Embankment and, of course, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and eponymous square.

The Monument to Nicholas I

The famous Monument to Nicholas I is situated here. This is the only equestrian monument in the world with only two support points. The unparalleled monument is of great historical importance to St. Petersburg and a true source of pride for the citizens.

During the excursion, you will learn many interesting facts. For example, that the favorite horse of Nicholas I was the prototype of the horse for the monument. This monument is aligned to the Bronze Horseman statue and that gives a feeling that Nicholas I follows Peter the Great. This fact was not neglected. There is a popular joke among the native citizens, which says: “the Fool of the Clever catches up, but the monument to it disturbs”.

The Northern City’s Gem

The gorgeous Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is a true crown of St. Isaac’s Square. It is justly recognized as one of the main landmarks of the modern St. Petersburg.

Do you know that?

  • This cathedral is the heaviest building of St. Petersburg. Certainly, it is impossible to state the exact weight of the construction. However, it is known that each of the 17-meter stone grey columns encircling Saint Isaac’s Cathedral weights about 110 tons.
  • Once the cathedral was literally conquered back from pigeons. These birds are not as innocent as they seem. In 1925 the Cathedral was in very bad condition. 800 kg of pigeons’ excrements were taken from each of the frontons.

The view on St. Petersburg from the Colonnade

The view from the Colonnade is truly breathtaking. You can enjoy the panorama of St. Petersburg standing 43 meters above the ground. Please pace yourself as you will go up on narrow spiral stairs. The walk to the Colonnade might take longer that you thought, because the gorgeous view on the historical St. Petersburg and its splendid buildings and squares will make you stay longer.