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It is recommended to begin discovering St. Petersburg with a visit to the place where the history of St. Petersburg began - The Peter and Paul Fortress. The Peter and Paul Fortress (citizens call it Petropavlovka) is a unique memorial site which brings together many of museums with interesting exhibits and exhibitions.

The ensemble of The Peter and Paul Fortress

The Grand Ducal Burial Vault and The Peter and Paul Cathedral, The Trubetskoy Bastion prison cells, The Commandant yard, The Naryshkin Bastion and even The Museum of Cosmonautics - all these sights are united within The Peter and Paul Fortress museum complex. Certainly, it is not possible to visit all the sights and discover unique exhibits thoroughly in one visit. We offer an excursion tour round The Peter and Paul Cathedral, The Grand Ducal Burial Vault and The Trubetskoy Bastion prison cells.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral with The Burial Vault

The Peter and Paul Cathedral is the ideological and compositional center of Peter and Paul Ensemble. For a long time, the Cathedral hosted the trophy banners and keys from cities and fortresses conquered by the Russian troops.

The gallery connects the Cathedral with The Grand Ducal Burial Vault of the members of The House of Romanov. Unfortunately, the grandiose decoration has not been preserved to this day in its full beauty. Many details were lost and destroyed during the siege of Leningrad. However, even the existing decoration recreates a clear impression of the power of the Royal Family, striking with its luxury and refinement.

Famous prison

Then you will be offered to visit The Trubetskoy Bastion - the main political prison of tsarist Russia. The fascinating exhibition tells about the history of the prison, its regime peculiarities and the fate of the prisoners. Once, Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin’s brother, Maxim Gorky and other famous people were prisoners to this dungeon.

During 1880s, not only suspects but also convicts were imprisoned there. Their imprisonment with its severe punishments surpassed even the exile cells of Siberia. The strictest regime implied deprivation of books (except for the Bible) and writing implements, any kind of labor and activities and any kind of communication (correspondence, meetings). The enhanced sound insulation excluded even the opportunity to communicate by tapping.

The complete isolation in each individual cell was a heavy burden. The enhanced sound insulation excluded even the opportunity to communicate by tapping. The situation was aggravated by a very poor diet, strictest regime involving solitary confinement, confinement in irons and severe corporal punishment, although at that time it was already abolished.

The miniatures reproduce some scenes from the life of prisoners. A visit to the prison chapel and library is also offered. This tour allows you to become acquainted with the multifaceted history of St. Petersburg. Without any doubt, a visit to The Fortress will not leave anyone indifferent.