5 hours

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By car

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On request

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On request

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Guide service, transport service, tickets to Grand Palace and Lower Park


Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or any other on request

  • Applications to the excursion are accepted at least 3 days prior excursion day.
  • Visit to The Lower Park, The Grand Palace and The Special Treasury

Peterhof is one of the most popular destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. Its amazing park ensemble is captivating in its beauty and elegance, and the architectural monuments are striking in their astonishing scale and rich decoration. The city of fountains invites all connoisseurs of art to discover one of the brightest pages of the history of the Northern Capital.

Gorgeous and beautiful Peterhof

On the way to Peterhof, you will learn some facts about the history of the founding and construction of the Imperial summer residence and see many sights. The exciting trip will be crowned by the visit to the stunning Park Ensemble of the city of fountains and to the Grand Palace. Here you will understand, why the famous suburb of St. Petersburg is often referred to as “the Russian Versailles”.

The local fountains are striking with their beauty and diversity. Just imagine: there are more than 180 fountains in Peterhof. Moreover, they represent the unique hydraulic constructions of XVIII century. The thing is that the natural depression area in relation to the sea level is used in their operation. Such technology is absolutely unique.

Grand Palace and Lower Park

The Grand Palace is the ideological and compositional center of The Peterhof Ensemble. Located on a natural hill, its two beautiful staircases regally descend from the main terrace, circling around The Grand Cascade. The Lower Park is striking with its beauty and layout symmetry.

It is divided into two equal parts by the sea channel and 22 fountains. Due to the constructions built in a similar manner, the Western and the Eastern parts of The Park almost mirror each other.

The Special Treasury

A visit to The Special Treasury museum, often referred to as the “Block under the Arm coat”, will become another milestone of the tour. In tsarist times, babies were brought here before baptism. It was here that brides were dressed in a wedding dress before the ceremony. Members of the Imperial family within the ceremonial processions used to walk here. Today, you can enjoy walking here. The atmosphere is truly breathtaking and you will feel as if you are in tsarist Russia.