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Pretty Pushkin is also included in the list of famous suburbs of St. Petersburg. It is also known as Tsarskoye Selo, which was praised by the great Russian poet. Tourists from Russia and other countries, who have heard about the exquisite beauty of its cathedrals and parks, are eager to enjoy their beauty firsthand.

Starting point

On the way to Pushkin, you will hear a fascinating narrative about the history of Tsarskoselskaya Road. Along the route, you will see many sights: Moscow Triumphal Gates, General's House, Pulkovo Observatory, Egyptian Gates and so on. In Tsarskoye Selo, you will discover the luxurious Park Ensemble, in which architectural masterpieces and monuments hide under the canopy of leaves.

The pearl of Pushkin is the residence of Russian tsars, which strikes the imagination with the extraordinary splendor of its exterior and interior hall decoration, the scale and regal grandeur. The crowning feature of the tour will be a visit to the famous Amber Room and the Grand Hall.

Unparalleled luxury of the Catherine Palace

The fresh country air, the breathtaking luxury of palaces and the picturesque landscapes will make you lose the sense of real time for a while and take you to the tsarist Russia epoch. You will get to know that the Grand Palace was not always named Catherine Palace and that during the reign of Catherine II the interior was subject to many changes. It was then when Lyon and Arabesque living rooms, Dome dining room and Chinese hall, Silver and Blue cabinets were created.

Tremendous excursion programme

An excursion to Pushkin is an unforgettable journey into the world of beautiful natural and architectural ensembles. In some ways, it can even be regarded as a historical reconstruction. Tsarskoye Selo has a rich history and cultural heritage - it has something to tell its guests.

If desired, the subject of the excursion may be enriched by literary or military history component or it may be just a sightseeing tour. In any case, the professional guides will tell you many interesting facts. You are guaranteed bright emotions and unexpected discoveries.