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  • Applications to the excursion are accepted at least 2 weeks prior excursion day.
  • Programme: sightseeing tour on the way to Pavlovsk, walk through the park, visit to The Pavlovsk Palace

Pavlovsk is considered to be one of the most romantic suburbs of St. Petersburg and its Park is the internationally recognized masterpiece of park landscaping art. Take an excursion to this picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg and enjoy extraordinary sights of the Imperial country residence.

Exciting prologue

On the very way to Pavlovsk, the guide will tell you about its owners’ fate as well as the history of the creation of the famous Palace and Park Complex. On the way, you'll see plenty of sights. The fascinating story of the guide will be the so-called prologue to an amazing story of exploring Pavlovsk.

The Pavlovsk Park

The Park served as a summer residence of the Emperor only for five years. Originally it was created not as grand but as private residence, but this does not lessen its beauty and elegance. On the contrary, it gave a unique opportunity to the owners of the residence, Paul I and Maria Feodorovna, to bring their personal passions to life within the decoration of the Palace and Park Ensemble. The area of the Pavlovsk Park is almost 600 ha, which makes it one of the largest parks in Europe.

The best sculptors, architects, artists and masters of the park design worked on construction of the Park Ensemble. The layout began in the late XVIII century, at a time when completely new landscape solutions began to replace old strict geometric and regular layouts insistently. The gardens embodied the sensual beauty of nature accompanied with the harmony of the natural landscapes

The Pavlovsk Palace

The Pavlovsk Palace certainly is the central architectural detail of the Park Complex. Solemn, strictly proportioned and laconic, it appears to be the so-called antagonist of the romantic Park Ensemble, being at the same time its harmonious continuation.

Today The Palace hosts a Museum exhibiting collections of Russian fine, decorative and applied art exhibits dating back to XVII - XIX centuries. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the grand halls and Imperial apartments of Maria Feodorovna.