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By car

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Guide service, transport service, tickets to Yusupov Palace


Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or any other on request

  • RF citizens: applications to the excursion are accepted at least 2 weeks prior excursion day due to Yusupov Palace decree.
    Foreign citizens: applications to the excursion are accepted at least 2 days prior excursion day.
  • The museum is open seven days a week

During this excursion, you will walk through the elegant halls of The Yusupov Palace located on the Moika Embankment. The interior of the mansion is stunning with its luxury and harmonious architecture. In addition to this, this splendid Palace has many controversial stories to tell. It was here that Grigori Rasputin was murdered.

Sightseeing tour

During the sightseeing tour round the gorgeous halls of the mansion, its grand apartments and paintings gallery, you will listen to a lot of exciting stories. The narrative about the life of the noble House of Yusupov, the previous owners of The Palace, the uneasy fate of this majestic building after the revolution - all these stories will be an amazing accompaniment to a walk through the stunning rooms and halls.

In The Home Theatre

The Home Theatre is the true crown of The Yusupov Palace. Here, the visitors of the Palace will discover the magnificent auditorium. This theater still has the old mechanisms for dropping the act curtain and decorations, the secrets of which are still not solved.

The Murder of Grigori Rasputin

The exhibition is extremely popular among tourists. The historians are still arguing about this mysterious crime and the stir among the public still remains very high. The final part of our excursion is devoted to the tragic events of December 16-17, 1916.

It was then that in the chambers of this magnificent Palace the life of the favorite of the Imperial family Grigory Rasputin ended terribly. Historical interiors, wax figures of the noble conspirators and their victims, documentary evidence, photographs - all these precisely convey the atmosphere of that fateful night. Due to the extraordinary popularity, it is particularly difficult to visit this exhibition during high season.