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The gilded dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral has become one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. This cathedral is one of the most famous museums of the Northern Capital and it continues to be a functional church. This massive building ranks alongside the largest dome cathedrals of the world.

Breathtaking stories

During the tour, you will get to learn the amazing story about the construction of the cathedral. You will also find out why is it called the third St. Isaac's Cathedral as well as listen to the stories about its anything but simple fate after the revolution and during the siege of Leningrad, and many other interesting facts. The grandeur and scale of the cathedral are just amazing. It is difficult to describe what you feel looking at this exquisite architectural monument.

The splendid decoration of St. Isaac's Cathedral

You will be no less delighted by the contemplation of the marvelous interior decor of St. Isaac's Cathedral: the diverse collection of mosaic windows, the colored stones decoration (43 sorts), the great paintings and the bronze details. It should be mentioned that the diversity of the exterior decoration does not disgrace the inner decor. About 100 kg of pure gold were used only for the dome.

During the siege, the dome was covered with gray paint in order to make it less noticeable to enemy bombers.

Walking to the Colonnade

The number of columns is yet another prominent feature of the cathedral. A total of columns amount to 112. You will have not only to overcome your fear of height, but also climb 562 steps raising guests on 43 meters above the ground, to reach the observation deck. The panoramic view from the Colonnade will be a worthy reward for this experience.

Here you will see St. Petersburg in full views: majestic - sun-drenched, captivating - in the twilight, incredibly mysterious - framed by the night lights in the darkness.