Wedding, graduation, bachelorette or bachelor party, company event, anniversary, birthday, discharge from maternity hospital... There are a lot of happy events that we want to make bright, memorable and celebrate to a high standard with a good organization, fun, and comfort. In such cases Infiniti QX56 Midnight Star limousine would be perfect.

Respectability and luxury

The impressive jeep limousine will allow you to plunge into a wonderful world of luxury and to owe this elegant car for a short time. White Infiniti QX56 Midnight Star with chrome wheels, sills, and front grille looks solemn and authoritative. An innovative equipment and stunning interior will make any holiday royally exquisite and rich.

The real night club

When renting Infiniti QX56 Midnight Star limousine, you are able to get to your destination in a luxurious setting and have fun at the same time. If desired, a party can be arranged directly inside the car. All you may need for a party is available inside the car:

  • the large spacious interior for up to 16 passengers
  • soft and comfortable seats with contrasting black and light grey leather trim
  • your celebration will take place in a completely private setting, as a soundproof partition is provided between a driver and passengers
  • the additional Airbus door makes pick-ups and drop-offs more comfortable
  • you certainly will not be bored thanks to a modern DVD/TV/Video system
  • the shimmering floor lighting completes the club atmosphere inside a limo as well as Disco lighting effect and unusual ceiling light elements
  • the bar and all other things necessary for celebrations are at your disposal: champagne flutes, glasses for whiskey, ice buckets, decanters, drinks coolers
  • regardless of the outside weather conditions, there is always comfortable inner microclimate in Infiniti QX56 Midnight Star thanks to the modern air-conditioning system

Infiniti QX56 Midnight Star limousine rental will provide the opportunity to turn any holiday into a firework of bright emotions and experience.