Your wedding preparations are well underway? Do you expect to get unforgettable and bright wedding experience? Do you expect your wedding will become the happiest and the most splendid day in your entire life? So the rental of a magnificent white wedding limousine with thematic airbrush is exactly what you need. 

Classy car for a landmark event

Hummer H2 Ultra Stretch «Wedding Style» jeep limousine rental is a great opportunity to turn your wedding into a classy event. So your family life will commence with the most pleasant emotions. And many years later beautiful photos taken inside this chic car and on the background of the snow-white luxury limousine will remind you of that joyous event.


Hummer H2 Ultra Stretch «Wedding Style» has not got only an attractive exterior but also has got many other advantages. There are many more surprises awaiting the newlyweds directly inside the vehicle:

  • it is designed for 18-20 people, so contrary to the strong tradition the car can accommodate not only a couple and best men but also close relatives and friends
  • the interior is made of grey and black leather and looks stylish and authoritative. Comfortable seats are equipped with cozy cushions, which allow passengers to feel even more comfortable
  • originally designed bars provide everything necessary for a pleasant stay and drinking of various beverages: whiskey glasses, crystal flutes for champagne, drinks cooler, and ice buckets
  • it also has the up-to-date DVD/TV/Video system, plasma TV, car message board
  • the modern climate control system is responsible for your comfortable stay
  • the spectacular Disco lighting, Starry Sky mirrored ceiling, and glass flooring equipped with stylish lighting are the final touches of the original club atmosphere

Rent a Hummer H2 Ultra Stretch «Wedding Style» jeep limousine for your wedding celebration. Treat yourself to elegant luxury, and your wedding day will become a truly memorable experience.