Alexandrinsky Theatre

The Alexandrinsky Theatre is the oldest Russian national theatre. The date of establishment (the 30th of August 1756) became the birthday of Russian professional theatre.

What’s on the main stage

The masterpieces of foreign classics are presented at the stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre: “Hamlet”, staged by V.V. Fokin, “Taming of the shrew” by the director Oscaras Korshunovas and others. The connoisseurs of the Russian literature will be glad to watch famous plays “Uncle Vanya” “The Seagull” and “Inspector-General”. Festival directions and directions of guest casts are able to surprise and bring aesthetic enjoyment even to the most sophisticated theatregoers.

Tips and theatre regulations

  • Limitations for children. Children under 12 years are not allowed to night performances. The game excursion “Alexandrinka in pajamas” is specially made for 4-6-year-old kids. The schoolchildren can make “The historical journey to the world of the Alexandrinsky theatre”».
  • How to choose a ticket? The ground and the 1st circle have the most comfortable seats in the theatre. If you buy tickets for unpopular day, one will surely offer you to go to the ground.
  • Where to have a snack? To avoid standing in a queue during intermissions, you can book a table in the crush bar beforehand. You can make it before the performance.

Directions and parking

The legendary Alexandrinsky theatre is a true adornment of historical Petersburg. It is situated in the Catherine park at the Ostrovsky square. The convenient location is a solid advantage for theatregoers which use different means of transport:

  • By metro. You should go to the station “Gostinny Dvor” and go by the same side of the street, following growth of house numeration. Cross the Sadovaya street by subway. Finally, you will find yourself at the Ostrovsky square with the theatre building at the back of it;
  • By own car. If you drive, you’ll need convenient parking. You can leave your car at the parking lot at the Fontanka embankment or at the paid parking lot to the right of the theatre.

Imperial Interiors

The Alexandrinsky theatre is famous for luxurious interiors, rich decorations, and intricate system of stairs. Before the performance or during the intermissions you will have the opportunity to attend numerous halls of the Museum of Russian drama, collecting unique expositions of historical costumes, properties and furniture. If you wish you can buy porcelain dolls, ceramic masks and textiles.

In the forefront of the aesthetic enjoyment of the performance you will surely want to spend the evening in a cozy restaurant with good cuisine. The nearby outlets are at your disposal: “Yakitoria”, “Palkin”, Zar”, and “Warehouse № 5”. By booking through our call-centre you’ll get 5 % of the check to your cell phone.