The old stage of the Mariinsky Theatre

The Mariinsky Theatre is the main theatre of Saint Petersburg. The Mariinsky theatre has three stages, that is the old stage in the Theatre square, the new stage in the Dekabrist street and the Concert Hall in the Pisarev street. One should embark the voyage of discovery of the Mariinsky theatre from the imperial main stage.

What’s on

The theatre is famous for its opera. Here one can listen to the prominent opera singers Anna Netrebko and Olga Borodina as well as many foreign celebrities. The full house is traditionally for “Verdi. Requiem”, “Nutcracker”, “Winter dreams”, “Macbeth”, “Don Quixote”. Many directions for children are staged here: “A true story about Cinderella”, “The trumpet and the tuba, or Meeting the Prince and the Princess”, “An opera about Porridge, a Cat and Milk”.

Tips and theatre regulations

How to choose a ticket? The Mariinsky theatre gives a good observation from any seat, so you don’t have to think too much over choosing the ticket.

How to present flowers? Before entering the auditorium you should leave your outwear in the checkroom and give flowers to check-takers. They hand over bouquets to your favourite actor after the performance.

When to take seats? The entrance to the auditorium is opened within an hour before the performance starts. After the third bell no one can enter the ground and amphitheater. One should be content with the seat offered by the check-taker and during the intermission change the seat according to the ticket.

Where to have a snack? You can have a snack in a comfortable crush bar in the second circle as well as in the small cafe on the first level. Appetizers, but without hot drinks, are available at stands in the grand tier and ground. The tip: to skip the queue to the crush bar, take your meal within 30 minutes before the performance and not in the intermission. The local bar provides the wide range of drinks.


You can get to the Mariinsky theatre by urban transport:

  • from metro stations of “Nevsky Avenue” and “Gostinny dvor” by bus №3, 22, 27, by route taxy № 180 and 169
  • from metro stations of “Sadovaya” and “Sennaya square” by route taxi № 1, 186, 124, 350
  • after getting to the Nikolsky Cathedral by any means of transport you can go 1 bus stop on foot and find yourself at the theatre.

If you go by your own car, please, keep in mind, that it will take some time to find a parking lot. Paid parking is not provided here.

Inner system of the theatre

The interiors of Mariinka are in full coincidence with its luxurious exteriors: chic marble elaboration, flowing warm light and gala atmosphere. Among the advantages of the hall one can mark perfect acoustic and ventilation systems. But exacting viewers may consider chairs to be not so comfortable and aisles not so spacious.

In the Mariinsky theatre an unusual souvenir shop works. Here you can buy as a memento:

  • books, booklets, albums, postcards, calendars and the newspaper “The Mariinsky theatre”
  • unique species, made in the theatre’s workshops: costumes, purses, headwear, shawls, gloves and other accessories.
  • crafted works made of different materials ( glass, China, batic, wood, bronze)
  • pictures by the famous artists of Saint Petersburg

Delicious course

After the performance you can have dinner in the original restaurant “Graf-in” nearby Mariinka or in the authentic “Russian Ryumochnaya № 1” (Russian bar).