The Mikhailovsky Theatre

The Mikhailovsky theatre has the fame of the worldliest musical theatre of Saint Petersburg: chic interiors full of artistic atmosphere, talented plays and respectful guests.

What’s on

You can watch directions of the famous Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato, one-act ballets, performed by Irina Perren and Marat Shemiunov, the ballet “Omnitude. Forms of silence and emptiness”. The premiere “Don Pasquale”, the concert performance of the opera conducted by Mikhail Tatarnikov, promises the unique aesthetic enjoyment. The ballets “Giselle, ou Les Wilis” and “Getting to know the ballet” are waiting for you!

Tips and theatre regulations

You will fully enjoy visiting the theatre if you learn some of its peculiarities beforehand.

  • How to choose a ticket? Any ticket, even in the upper side circle, will be suitable for opera. But as for ballet, it’s perfect to take central seats.
  • How to jump the queue to the checkroom? As in any other theatre, one mustn’t enter the Mikhailovsky with outwear on. The tip: there are separate checkrooms for comfort and time economy of spectators in the 1st – 3d circles.
  • How to present flowers? You’ll be suggested to leave flowers in the checkroom or pass them with the help of the theatre staff.
  • Where to have a snack? To avoid standing in a queue during intermissions, you can book a table in the crush bar. By the way, the Ginza Project supplies the bar with delicacies.

Directions and parking

The theatre is situated in the centre of Saint Petersburg, at the Square of Arts. Not far from it, there is the metro station “Nevsky Avenue”, which is a very pleasant fact for many theatre-goers. If you go to the theatre by your own car, please, check the information about the nearby parking lots:

  • Free parking lot is in the Italian street. Turn from the Nevsky Avenue to the Griboedov canal, go up to the Russian Museum, then turn to the right, and you find yourself at the free parking lot near the Mikhailovsky,
  • Paid parking is situated in the Italian street, just prior to the square of Arts.

Theatre interiors

The Mikhailovsky theatre is famous for its rich and gala interiors: gilding and velvet, crystal and mirrors, stucco and luxurious massive chandeliers. During intermissions the romantic Mikhailovsky lets wondering through corridors and stairs and getting to know the collection of playbills.

The theatre museum welcomes you, and the visit is free. You can see different playbills and posters, sketches of set designs and costumes, layouts of plays and many other things.

Performances and treats

The local crush bar is as famous, as the best young ballet pair of the Bolshoy Theatre (Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev), who have settled in the Mikhailovsky not long ago. In entr’actes the most delicious eclairs and desserts, fresh fruit, cheeses and snacks are waiting for you. There is a crush bar in the second circle, but it’s a little bit more humble according to range and prices. In the third circle one can have drinks and snacks from slot-machines.

If you wish you can continue the pleasant evening having dinner in the restaurant, you have just to choose. The nearby outlets are at your disposal: “Zar”, “Jaime’s Italian”, “Gus Gus”, “Katyusha”, “Baku”, and “Pacman”. Each of them has its peculiar style and cuisine, and by booking through our call-centre you’ll get 5 % of the check to your cell phone.