Anna conducts tours for German-speaking tourists. She knows firsthand how to make informative and vivid tour, because under her belt Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, "Intourist"courses for the guide-interpreters and acting school.

-Anna, do you have any competence profile?

- I don’t have as such profile direction. I like to hold individual tours, immediately receive feedback from tourists, compare notes.

-Your favorite excursion

-My favorite excursion is ”Pushkin“ of course! If weather favors our tour guests like to feel as they’re the royal person, walk in the luxurious interiors of the palace, and then walk along the Catherine Park, listen to Grote choir a Cappella, where Catherine II enjoyed an invigorating aroma of strong coffee in the morning ...

I like excursion to the Hermitage. It’s that museum, which you don’t want to leave. I can talk endlessly about Hermitage!

-What fact about Petersburg surprises tourists most of all?

- A lot of things surprise tourists. For example, as a well-groomed and clean city, number of magnificent palaces and cathedrals. The scale of Petersburg wins heart: latitude of the avenues, the prospect of the city, the height of the cathedrals, length of the Catherine Palace grand facade. I love St. Petersburg and with pleasure give this love to the guests.

- A curious case of professional activity

There are many stories, but my first excursion with tourists is the most memorable. We became friends, they even invited me to their house.

-The main travel tips

Trust your guide. Guide makes the guests a gift - he reveals what you can not notice yourself. After a trip we return home in a different state, inspired and ready to work creatively, we have already seen the world through another eyes. Let yourself be inspired by St. Petersburg!