Julia Volodchenkova is a guide with 16 years of experience. There are conducting tours under her belt, organized by the Russian Chamber of Commerce, working with the Cypriot choir at the festival "The Singing World", with intensive large pharmaceutical groups, insurance companies and other enterprises.

She graduated from Saint Petersburg State University, School of Management IMISP, guide-interpreters courses at the "Intourist" and "Guide-INTUR" (the oldest schools in St. Petersburg).

What fact about Petersburg surprises tourists most of all?

All clients are different, it is difficult to say for everyone. There is no single fact which would have surprised everyone. Perhaps the story of Catherine the Great and her favorites has not left anybody indifferent.

What does it mean to you to be a guide?

I love very much this city, the history of my country, nation. I love to meet new people who come to St. Petersburg. I do everything that the city stays in their hearts, that they would like to come back here again. For example my Greek friend Dimitris, who arrives to St. Petersburg in early spring for over ten years and brings friends with him.