If you need a bright and interesting tour in German, Konstantin Danilov will cope with this task. German-speaking bikers on motorcycles, representatives of the German Film Festival, the organizers of the marathon "White Nights" are among the tour groups of Konstantin.

Konstantin, what fact surprises tourists most of all about St. Petersburg?

Most of German tourists enjoy the beauty of our parks at the former summer country residences and almost in unison add "How much money is required to maintain a such order?"

In addition, during excursions in St. Petersburg underground for German tourists, I often hear cues about the purity of our metro. In summer, the Germans pay attention to the cleanliness of our streets-avenues in the city center. It's nice to hear.

What is for you to be a guide?

From my point of view, the tour guide must be gained to the people, to work with the soul, to dedicate myself wholeheartedly to have the inner desire to bring joy. Perhaps it has always felt from the outside.

I am a non-conflicting, in love with my profession, and always good, friendly, sympathetic to the tourists.