Elizaveta is a guide with tireless love to Petersburg and with desire to share it with tourists. Good professional training (higher philological education and training of guide-translators "Intourist") allows you to enjoy the tour. Work experience - 1 year.

Elizaveta, do you have any competence profile?

I consider that for me the most beloved and successful excursions are Hermitage and City Tour.

Hermitage is a cradle of the art world and his collection is property of Russia. A City Tour immediately gives an idea of the city image, it shows the difference with other cities of Russia. Even a couple of hours tour is enough to catch the special atmosphere and the genuine spirit of St. Petersburg. Here, almost every wall has a story.

What fact about Petersburg surprises tourists most of all?

Its countless set of the facts amazing imagination. For example, the horrific number of victims, dropped bombs and destroyed buildings during the Second World War and the blockade. City rose from the ashes for 70 years.

Surprising the Winter Palace with one thousand rooms, admiring St. Isaac's Cathedral - the fourth largest Cathedral in the world. The deepest subway in Europe is also in the list of amazing things.

But main thing, perhaps, is ability to elegantly and organically combine the best features of the world's cities in one - Vienna, Amsterdam, Venice are guessed in different parts of St. Petersburg. And all this, what the most surprising, was created there on a former swamp for 300 years only.

A little about yourself

I am a young, energetic and tireless guide, who is absolutely crazy about the profession and the city. I rejoice every opportunity to show it and impressing guests of St. Petersburg. As I am a philologist it’s simple and at the same time a pleasant task for me to chat in English.

I try to travel too and I understand that visiting different countries is our precious memories. Therefore, as a guide I take great pain to protect the tourists from unnecessary worries and inconvenience. My tourists are laughing a lot, because I'm a big joker.

The main travel tip

When you are going to St. Petersburg, make sure you have sunglasses and wellies in your suitcase — nothing to do here without it. The weather is extremely unpredictable. For the rest - everything is easy and comfortable.