Seminars are a form of training sessions and workshops, which are the most relevant and popular in the field of education, as well as in business practice.

We are ready to organize an event from zero or join the work at a certain stage.


Our specialists will help you to determine the precise subject of the seminar, the participants, obtain premises corresponding to the objectives of the event, organize and provide everything you need for it. You do not have to worry and control each process part: our company will take care of everything, we have extensive experience in organizing various events.

The cost

The cost depends on the number of participants, transportation and food, need for specialized equipment, translation, etc.

Rental space (room for up to 30 people.)


Printing products

Food & Beverage: 1 coffee break, bottled water

The price indicated on the organization of the event with 25 people. The cost of the event with a different number of people is calculated by operators.

Location of the event