Aleksandr is a guide with 2 years of work experience. During this time he managed to lead tours for clients from Europe and Latin America, to translate a lot of fiction for magazines.

Magistracy and Postgraduate study in St. Petersburg State University (Faculty of Philology), guide-interpreters courses "Guide-Intour", advanced training course "Guide of Leningrad region + Churches and Monasteries of the Northwest" are under the guide`s belt.

Aleksandr also held various foreign language courses abroad: “King`s college“ English Language School (London), 3-week intensive course of Catalan language and culture, a school of Italian language “TorrediBabele“ (Rome) and “CentroFlorenza“.

Aleksandr, what is your main competence profile?

My favorite profile is suburban palace and park complexes. Specifically, I am bound to Peterhof almost intimate relationship - that's where I grew up, studied and even dedicated to small parks of Peterhof several poems published in the school newspaper.

What fact about Petersburg surprises tourists most of all?

It is difficult to single out one fact, but three focal points, perhaps, are:

1. The inhabitants of all classes, at first, were "exiled," as for the state service in "The fictional town in the world" (Dostoevsky). In a period of 300 years, insignificant by European standards, it has become a major tourist city in Russia.

2. Everyone knows about the "Venice of the North". But not everyone realizes that St. Petersburg is unique capital in the world. There are Imperial residence, the main city garden, cathedral, the highest deliberative bodies Senate and Synod on one side of the central river and Governor's Palace, main university, the first museum, exchange, fortress with the main prison and main mint on another side. This location really makes the Neva main artery of this city- its axis.

3. Different parts of the city in a unique way harmoniously combine on the one hand the main European architectural styles, on the other rare but spectacular inclusions of unique Russian style (The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Myatlev House, Church of the Assumption on Vasilievsky and others) and on the third Soviet-style (constructivism, Stalin's empire) which is also a unique local invention.

What is for you to be a guide?

It is easy to answer the question of why I like my job: I really love this city! I have already said about the architectural extravaganza, but what another city in the world has even subway looks so majestically and keeps not fewer stories than other palaces?

Did you know that one of the guests of St. Petersburg in the 18th century was a live elephant? That Mammoth (even dried) lodgesnnow in the city flat. That it’s not required any pump for work of 191 gold fountains in Peterhof. 100 kilograms of gold were taken to gild just one of the 38 palaces of St. Petersburg. All this and many other things we will experience and see together. Welcome to St. Petersburg!