Natalia is a guide who gives tours for Japanese tourists more than 9 years. Under her belt work in large projects (such as the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014), higher education in the Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities, additional courses of guide-interpreters.

Natalia, what is your competence profile?

Profile direction is tours. The city, suburb, along rivers and canals

What fact about Petersburg surprises tourists most of all?

Tourists are mostly impressed by the fact that our city was built on a swamp. Fantastic city like Venice has come from nothing, and, nevertheless, it has its own distinctive look. And, of course, drawbridges.

The main travel tip

I can only give one advice: to see with your own eyes! In my experience, there are tourists who visited our city for the third time and do not intend to stop it. Very nice to meet them again and again. We have a lot of interesting places that are sure you will be interested. Pack your suitcases!