If you need a cheerful guide with a modern point of view on the St. Petersburg, use the services of a guide Aleksandra. Her work experience is one and half years. During this time, Aleksandra has held a lot of tours for English-speaking tourists.

Aleksandra, what is your main competence profile?

In fact, I love everything: and excursions to the Hermitage, and sightseeing tour, and Metro and walk tours, and leave the city and go to Pushkin, Peterhof, Pavlovsk.

What fact about Petersburg surprises tourists most of all?

Surprising number of palaces, museums and theaters, as well as the amount of precious metals and stones in the decoration of buildings. Discouraging number of sunny days in St. Petersburg. Very interested in the personality of Peter the Great and Catherine II.

The main travel tip

If you arrive to St. Petersburg in summer and found the sun, you are the lucky ones who got to one of sixty clear days. The sun and palaces gold will illuminate your path.

If you arrive on a cold wet day, you are the lucky ones who got into the mood of the city. Gold in the palaces will be reflected in the puddles.

In other words, dear traveler, you become a lucky just getting in Petersburg.