Alena is a guide-interpreter who leads the tour in Italian more than one year. The love and interest in the city, of course, are transmitted during all her tours.

Alena, what is your favorite destination?

I love Peterhof park it’s a real open-air museum. This concentration of fountains and each has its own story! On the other hand, outdoor walk helps relax from a busy tourist rest in museums and buses.

Also, I like the Catherine Palace. It's great in many respects: the masterpieces of architect Rastrelli always delights tourists. All rooms are very different, so the excursion can not be monotonous. What it takes the Amber Room!

What fact about Petersburg surprises tourists most of all?

The fact that St. Petersburg stands on forty-two islands. And the Italians are always crazy about the Neva. They admired it when we move through the bridges, we ride along the riverfront, with great attention listen to stories and explanations, ask questions. Time flies in traffic on the Troitsky Bridge, if at this point you talk about the Neva!

There was one couple that on arrival day they walked from their hotel to the Fontanka, and it seemed to them that it was the most famous Neva. During the excursion I had showed them the real Neva, they were even more speechless about the situation.

Also, they are very curious about the history of city renaming and that Stalingrad is another city.

The main travel tip

I would advise everyone who arrives in St. Petersburg to leave at least one night out to take a walk along the city quays. Without haste to observe the draw-bridges at white nights or how illumination transforms the appearance of smart St. Petersburg.