Ornamental plants have become an integral part of interior decoration. Even the most thoughtful and stylish interior seem bleak without proper highlights. For those who want a quickly design the interior without any fuss in an original way to, we offer our rental of a Ficus with a two-level crown.

To rent a Ficus is more efficient than to cultivate a plant or buy an artificial one. Our service will suit modern businessmen who value their personal time and money, while also want to create a comfortable setting in the office, at home, during the presentations, exhibitions, and other events.

Scope of usage

Ficus with a stylishly formed two-level crown becomes an expressive accent in any interior, so the customers are willing to rent it for a variety of purposes:

  • to decorate a lobby, lounge or entrance hall. Such plants often help to divide the space, highlighting different areas such as rest, entrance, photo zones, and so on;
  • for thematic theatrical and stage set;
  • to decorate exhibition halls;
  • to decorate home space. If you are planning an important event and want to surprise your guests with an original decoration, then rental of deciduous trees will be most welcome;
  • we offer artificial plants which are made of quality materials, allowing them to accurately replicate real deciduous trees. That's why they look very natural in photos and video

Important details

  • It is practical and simple. This Ficus has immunity against diseases, drafts and aggressive UV radiation exposure. It does not need watering and careful care. It always looks impeccable: its leaves do not turn yellow, get dry and start crumbling.
  • This plant can be placed anywhere, which is especially important for areas deprived of natural light.
  • Two-level crown Ficus like any other artificial plant can be easily carried and moved freely within the premises. Although it is rather high, it has a very small weight and compact size.