Spherical Ficus is a good decoration of any interior. Depending on your need you can rent either one deciduous tree or several.

Current service

Deciduous trees of this type are great when you need space transformation. You can rent a Ficus for a variety of purposes:

  • to decorate a theatrical stage, scene, exhibition halls;
  • to designate separate areas in the halls and lobbies: entrance, rest zone, photo zone, and so on;
  • these plants are frequently used while creating a background and setting during photo shoots, film set, stage productions;
  • artificial trees are able to recreate the natural beauty of the nature, to occupy space with comfort and create a special atmosphere. If you are expecting important guests and want to decorate your home in a special way, then there is no better way than to opt for its rent.

Advantages of renting of artificial deciduous trees

In the context of modern urbanization and technological progress, a plethora of greenery pleases the eye, disposes to appeasement and settles the mind. Although the plants are artificial, they greatly perform a decorative function and have a number of advantages over similar live plants:

  • they do not require specific care;
  • they can be placed anywhere, regardless of the level of lighting, temperature, drafts and humidity;
  • they are easy to carry. For instance, the above-mentioned spherical Ficus of 2m height weighs considerably less than a real plant of the same size. In addition, artificial plants are not so fragile and overall (cache-pots and pot), which minimizes the risk of damage of the trunk and leaves during transportation of such trees.

Rental of Ficus spherical allows decorating the space in an original way at low cost.