The rental of green Ficus Benjamina helps to create a relaxing and hospitable atmosphere and to make a favorable impression on your guests. The arrangement of the proposed plant will create a unique setting and highlight the aesthetic taste of the event organizers.

Popular service

In the modern interior design artificial deciduous trees are gaining its popularity. It is not surprising, since they do not differ from the "real" ones, while they are easy to keep and does not require special care. Rental of Ficus Benjamina with green leaves is the most sensible way to decorate a room of various applications:

  • home space during important events when receiving special guests;
  • theatrical stage, exhibition, concert, conference rooms;
  • lobbies and hallways. Artificial plants are not susceptible to drafts and temperature fluctuations, so you can use them to decorate the entrance;
  • natural appearance of Ficus Benjamina has resulted in its high demand to create a setting and background for video and photo shoots;
  • such a plant perfectly copes with its decorative function even inside the office. It can help you to arrange space for various training courses and seminars.

Indispensable interior element

Plants are able to qualitatively transform any interior, to revive it and bring in comfort. Such accents positively affect the emotional state, improve mood, increase efficiency, and set up on productivity. For busy and always hurrying citizens of large cities similar greenery is another reason to get relaxed.

Advantages of Ficus Benjamina rental

  • Extraordinary appearance.
  • The Ficus height is 1.6 m. Along with its low weight, this feature allows you to freely carry and move it within the premises.
  • When renting Ficus Benjamina, you get a beautiful ornamental plant without any fuss, since you do not need to water, feed, and carefully choose the location for it.