To cultivate a luxurious Ficus Benjamina of 1.6 m height, you will have to take care of it for a very long time, because its growth rate is about 20-25 cm per year. In this case, you can always find out that its leaves suddenly fell off. All these risks and complexities can be avoided when renting an artificial Ficus Benjamina (burgundy leaf).

Simple, fast, and reliable

Our rental service will let you get a deciduous tree – Ficus – in a perfect condition at any convenient time – quickly and at a reasonable cost. It is very convenient and cost-effective, as the purchase of such an artificial tree, and especially the cultivation of areal one will be significantly expensive. This plant is easy to keep and does not require special care.

You do not need to worry about special conditions to keep it. Drafts, dry or cold air, direct sunlight, lack of irrigation – all this becomes quite unimportant, for the artificial Ficus Benjamina does not require special care.

Wide range of design options

If you want to change the location of Ficus, it is very easy, because it has no heavy cache-pots. This feature significantly simplifies the transportation of the plant. Easy keeping, portability, and good appearance make Ficus Benjamina a popular decorative element in many events: conferences, seminars, exhibitions, fairs, celebrations, and so on.

It can be used effectively to decorate a photo zone, organize sets for videos and photo shoots, and decorate the stage space, theater or concert hall. You can rent either one or many plants at once. Note that these trees look more attractive in the composition.

Advantages of rental of Ficus Benjamina (burgundy leaf)

  • artificial Ficus with spectacular burgundy leaves can decorate both informal and formal event in an original way;
  • high-quality plant exactly conveys the beauty of a live Ficus Benjamina, creating a hospitable and comfortable setting;
  • compact size of a tree (its height is 1.6 m) allows you to effectively arrange the space;
  • an additional advantage of the provided service is its low rental cost.