If you want to decorate your home or office space with plants or plan a decoration of a holiday, business event or company party, then rental of Schefflera would be most welcome. Rental of artificial plants is a convenient and cost-effective solution, because you get an original tree that is easy to keep.

Advantages of Schefflera rental

  • The proposed plant is made of high-quality latex, which allowed exactly conveying its real color, structure and texture of real Schefflera tree. This nice decoration will become a real highlight in any interior.
  • The greenery helps to create a cozy, hospitable, and confident atmosphere. Beautiful artificial plants will help to make a good impression on your guests and make your event truly memorable.
  • It is easy to use and does not need special care. Artificial Schefflera tree does not need to be watered, protected from exposure of drafts or warm air, direct sunlight and other factors that can harm the preserved plant.
  • A wide range of decorative options. You can use it to design the interior spaces for informal celebration or a formal event.
  • Artificial Schefflera is 1.5 m height and lightweight, which facilitates its installation and transportation.
  • Excellent condition of the plants.
  • Low cost rental.

Decoration of various events

Given its simplicity, practicality and aesthetic look, Schefflera tree is often used for decoration of:

  • an office during trainings, seminars, important business meetings,
  • a photo zone and background for videos,
  • stage space of concert halls and theaters,
  • public spaces (lobby, hallway, lounge). These plants can help you to efficiently divide the space, allocate separate areas: entrance hall, place for recreation,
  • when you are expecting guests and want to surprise them with the original decoration of your home, the rental of Schefflera will be most welcome.