Areca Palm is an exotic plant that today has become known to people from northern countries. The service of Areca Palm rental provides you an opportunity to decorate the space in an original way for a variety of theme parties. This detail will create a special atmosphere of the holiday and make it truly memorable.

Hawaiian party in St. Petersburg

Warm sea, beach, sun and carefree fun all year round are the main associations that this tree may raise. Your Hawaiian party will be the same, if you think through its decoration in advance and opt for rental of an exotic plant. Bright emotions and lots of smiles are guaranteed to everyone without exception.

Many decorators are happy to use Areca Palms for the decoration of stage space, photo zones, design of film setting.

Advantages of Areca Palm rental

A nice detail of the proposed plants is their realism and high quality. So, an artificial Areca Palm looks exactly like the real one in terms of its structure, texture, and color. No one will be able to figure out that it is an artificial plant at a glance. Other rental advantages benefits:

  • excellent condition of the plants;
  • it is easy to keep and the plants are resistant to many external influences. Artificial Palm trees are not afraid of drafts, hot sun, temperature fluctuations or over-dried air. They do not require watering and can be placed far from light. These plants are easy to clean and they do not burn out under the influence of sunlight;
  • the proposed plant are made of high quality materials that are safe for human health and the environment;
  • 2-meter-high Areca plant has a light weight and compact size of cache-pots, which ensures easy installation and transportation;
  • you are free to rent one or more plants. Note that such trees look more attractive in the composition;
  • reasonable rental cost.