Rental of a boat "Pokhuhol" will be an excellent idea if you decide to take a boat trip along the rivers and canals of the majestic and mysterious St. Petersburg. Thanks to its agility Northern capital will not be able to hide from you any secrets.

Let’s take a trip

Renting speed boat "Pokhuhol" is perfect variant for fans of dynamic travel on the water surface. On the board you can feel the real boldness and drive, easily slicing through the waves of the Neva. Going for a walk on this boat you should not be afraid of the vagaries of the weather. Complete awning is a reliable protection from wind gusts and rain.

Choose your own route

Maneuverable boat "Pokhuhol" is able to sail on a small St. Petersburg's rivers and narrow channels. It allows you to organize a trip or a guided tour on any route. St. Petersburg will be presented in a completely different light and you will certainly remember it for a long time

For various reasons

Sufficient capacity of the boat allows rental both for a romantic tete-a-tete and as part of a larger group trip. Water voyage by "Pokhuhol" can take the time as part of a family weekend or celebration of any significant event.

  • capacity: 12 passengers
  • boat interior is made of genuine leather in warm bright colors. Soft sofas on the stern and the bow will allow you and your guests to stay with maximum comfort
  • overall dimensions: 7,3 х 2,5 m, depth at deck - 1,2 m
  • maximum speed: 95 km/h
  • modern audio system on the board
  • running awning is useful in case of rain and gusty winds
  • personal blanket plaids and a removable table provided for the additional convenience of passengers

Stylish and modern design of the boat, comfortable cabin, excellent driving characteristics and good technical equipment are the main arguments in favor of renting a speedboat "Pokhuhol".