If you need a translation from Russian into any other language, or vice versa, this service is suitable for such a task. Our experts are ready to translate text of any level of complexity, subject matter and amount. If you need to carry out this work in the near future, use the services of an urgent or extra urgent translation.

Specialized translation

We translate texts of any special topics (i.e. topics that are not "common"). These include legal, technical, medical, economic, and other documents. If necessary, you can order notarization of documents and their delivery to the office, for a meeting, a conference, and so on.

When translating we pay attention to the specifics of the terms and look further into the target object. The main task is to fully preserve the meaning, not distorting it.

Literary translation

Besides texts on special topics, we translate works of fiction, journalism (news, materials of media), public speeches and reports, and also scenarios and letters.

When translating we pay attention to stylistics, transfer of the author's point of view.

  • translation from / into any languages
  • handwritten and printed text
  • technical, highly specialized, urgent translations