PREMIUM Semiozerye Water

Vesyoly Vodovoz PREMIUM Semiozerye is premium artesian water, which has a mild flavor. Thanks to excellent composition it is subjected only to a surface cleaning, preserving its remarkable natural structure.

Water is produced in Semiozerye village, which is located 85 kilometers away from St. Petersburg in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Karelian Isthmus. Water, extracted from an artesian water-bearing bed, lies between two impervious layers and is protected from surface contamination.

The produced water is subjected to the easy cleanup with sorbents of natural origin, as well as to the disinfection by the UV radiation. Mineralization is 350 mg/l.

Water brand Vesyoly Vodovoz PREMIUM Semiozerye can regularly be used even for young children from1 year. Also, it is recommended for drinking and cooking.


1. High quality

2. This artesian water extracted from the well with the depth of 115 meters on the Karelian Isthmus

3. Mild flavor

4. It is subjected only to a light cleaning by sorbents exclusively of natural origin

5. UV disinfection

6. Reasonable price

PREMIUM Snyatogorskaya Water

It is artesian premium water. Brand is a laureate of the regional competition100 Best Goods of Russia, as it corresponds to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

The water Vesyoly Vodovoz Snyatogorskaya is produced on the territory of the protected area in Pskov Oblast’, Snyatnaya mountain. The company has its own artesian well with the depth of 60 m on that territory.

Water has a high initial quality. It is not subjected to the artificial mineral enrichment and contains a balanced composition of natural minerals and elements needed to the body.

Pure natural water Vesyoly Vodovoz Snyatogorskaya does not require boiling and can be drunk by adults and children.


1. High quality

2. A balanced mineral composition

3. Production in the artesian well with the depth of 60 m, located in Pskov Oblast’

4. Pronounced natural flavor