Coffee breaks are indispensable at any events: exhibitions, conferences, meetings, etc. The image of the event as well as the general spirit depends on the professional organization of coffee breaks. If you trust us this, you will get delicious snacks, polite waiters, and of course, aromatic coffee.

The price includes:

1. Delivery within the city

2. Rental of equipment for coffee breaks:

  • buffet table
  • cocktail tables (if necessary)

3. Serving at option:

  • white
  • white-gold
  • white and red
  • coffee with milk
  • slate-white
  • white and blue
  • «Champagne»

4. Porcelaine

5. Serving dishes on the baguette frames

6. Organza buffet tables draping

7. Technological equipment

8. Event staff:

  • administrator
  • cooks
  • waiters (1 waiter per 20 guests; working time - 1 hour)
  • washerwomen

Prices are specified for this particular service. In order to calculate the cost of an event with a different number of guests, please contact us.

  • Professional service
  • Serving
  • Several menu options: Standard, Business, VIP