If you value time, comfort and individual approach, you will definitely appreciate our service in Pulkovo Airport VIP-lounges. There is a meeting room, a private rest room, a bar there.

Meeting room

In the meeting room you can hold a business meeting or business talks as comfortably as possible. We can serve a table at your request.

Private room

Individual VIP lounge is divided into two zones: a rest zone and a business zone. In the rest zone you can relax on soft leather sofas, watch TV. This area is also equipped with a wardrobe and a bathroom. The business area is equipped with all necessary furniture and equipment, where you can meet with your partners.

In addition, the VIP lounges houses bars, where guests can enjoy a wide selection of dishes and drinks.

Services of VIP-lounge:

  • individual entry and parking
  • meeting of guests at the VIP-lounge entrance
  • individual registration of passengers and baggage
  • individual passage of pre-flight (post-flight) procedures
  • passengers and luggage transportation to the aircraft (from the aircraft) in a comfortable vehicle
  • pre-booking of seats in the aircraft is available for extra cost