Our catering service advises you to diversify your event and provide a separate cocktail menu that will be appreciated by your guests. Cocktail is ideal for different kinds of snacks and meals. You can surprise your guests by a variety as well as to allow everyone to create a cocktail to their liking.

Cocktails are appropriate as a good option during the buffet, gala nights, anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings. Our company offers a selection of the following price categories: economy and business. The differences between the categories of service are in the number of products, the event decoration as well as CONSUMABLES.

The price includes:

1. City delivery

2. Rental of equipment for a cocktail party:

  • cocktail tables (if necessary)

3. Serving at option:

  • white
  • white-gold
  • white and red
  • coffee with milk
  • slate-white
  • white and blue
  • «Champagne»

4. Porcelain

5. Technological equipment

6. Event staff:

  • administrator
  • cooks
  • waiters (1 waiter per 15-20 guests)
  • washerwomen