The rental of Author Outset 26 and Merida M 90 sport bikes is perfect for those who make the first though rather decisive steps in the field of cycling. These models have excellent performance features that allow beginners to feel comfortable and confidently in the saddle.

It would be better to rent recreational/motocross bikes for trips in the countryside and on non-extreme off-roads. Author Outset 26 and Merida M 90 are perfect for training.

Specifications of Author Outset 26 and Merida M 90

  • Wheel diameter: 26 inches
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Number of speeds: 21
  • Level of fork softness: the initial
  • Amortization: Hard tail
  • Handlebar design: curved
  • Weight: 14.6 kg

Specifications of Author Outset 26 (2015)

  • a wide range of speeds allows you to choose the optimal settings for a trip along the countryside, city highway or on a mountain slope
  • its double crown fork eliminates the risk of serious injury
  • fork movement is up to 63 mm, which makes riding a bus on uneven terrain more comfortable
  • silent speed change
  • great amortization, though some cyclists feel like front amortizations are rigid due to lack of adjustability

Specifications of Merida M 90 bicycle

  • mechanical brakes are reliable and have great performance even on wet slopes
  • a large range of speeds substantially expands the bike functionality
  • its fork greatly works during descents on dirt roads

Expert advice

If you would like to rent a bike for high-speed racing with descents at speeds up to100 km/h, it is better to rent other models of sports bikes.