Rental of STIGA scooters for adults enables fast, safe, and efficient movement around city streets: to go for a walk, get to the office, the nearest metro station or shop. This kind of movement saves a lot of time and provides an energy boost.

In Europe, no one is surprised when a man or woman rides a scooter. This trend is gaining its popularity in our country as well. Another reason of popularity of STIGA scooters rental is their environmental friendliness. Curver 145-S will be a great option for those who like riding on the urban asphalt pavement with paving slabs.


  • Type: city
  • Age group: adult
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Frame material: alloy (duralumin/steel)
  • Brake: foot
  • Wheel diameter: 14.5 cm

Advantages of STIGA Curver 145-S

  • a city scooter is a great alternative to city vehicles, especially during traffic jams. It is more convenient than bikes and rollers, as you do not have to always change your shoes and think about how to carry a bicycle in the subway
  • Folding STIGA Curver 145-S in the folded state occupies a little space, so it is very convenient to store, carry, and transport it in public transport
  • riding a scooter is a healthy exercise
  • steering pillar is height adjustable (within 80-95 cm), which allows you to choose the most comfortable position depending on your height
  • riding a scooter is the safest way to move, because your feet are close to the road surface. In a case of emergency, you can simply stop or jump down from Curver 145-S

Expert advice

When choosing a scooter, you should consider a valid weight and height. In this case, your riding will be comfortable and safe.