5-5.5 hours

Place of the beginning of an excursion

An exit from the Nevsky Avenue metro station (Dumskaya St. 2)

Place of the end of an excursion

An exit from the Nevsky Avenue metro station (Dumskaya St. 2)

Time of the beginning of an excursion, frequency

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday at 12.00

What’s included in the price

Transport service, guide service, tickets to palaces



We invite you to an excursion to the city of Lomonosov located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland and called in honor of the Russian scientist, the poet and the artist M.Yu. Lomonosov. The main sight of the city – the big estate "Oranienbaum" which was built by the prince A.D. Menshikov.

During the excursion we will visit Oranienbaum and also two palaces located in the territory of the estate – the Chinese and Menshikovsky palaces.

Memorial estate Oranienbaum

If you want to see reliable and unique furniture of the 18th century, surely go to Lomonosov. Oranienbaum is the only of suburbs which hasn't been destroyed by fascists during the Great Patriotic War. All constructions of Oranienbaum have the huge art value because they are the original monuments of architecture.

During the excursion on memorial estate you will see three ensembles: ensemble of the Big palace, Petershtadt ensemble and ensemble Own dacha. The main structures of the last – the Chinese palace and the pavilion of the Waterslide.

Baroque and rococo

We will visit the Chinese palace which is a part of ensemble of "Own dacha" of the empress Catherine II. The palace is built by the architect Antonio Rinaldi and represents an example of style of rococo in Russia. At an excursion you will learn why the palace was called Chinese and also you see delightful internal furniture of the palace.

Menshikov Palace – the oldest construction of Oranienbaum, a symbol of an era of transformations and fight for an exit to the Baltic Sea. Foreign architects took part in construction of the palace. During the excursion you will see magnificent interiors of the palace, unusual rooms, the Turkish bath with a glass roof and the living rooms decorated by painting.

It is necessary to have the passport.