Choosing between self-cleaning, and the ability to charge it to professionals, objectively assess the scope of work. Generally, construction dust is still on all surfaces of the room and windows, on the finishing tile - remnants of putty. Our cleaning after repair will be carried out efficiently and rapidly, giving you the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty and comfort of repair or construction.

List of services:

  • collecting and removal of small construction debris
  • cleaning of premises from the construction dust (walls, floor)
  • cleaning of apartments‘ surfaces from contamination
  • wet removal of dust and dirt from floors, walls, skirting boards
  • removal of dirt from tiles
  • cleaning of window sills
  • cleaning and removal of dust from the heating pipes and batteries
  • cleaning and removal of dust from door units
  • removal of dust from sockets and switches
  • wet and dry cleaning of lighting fixtures
  • cleaning of mirrors and glass surfaces

Turning to our services, you will be able to get rid of all traces of construction work for a short time.

In addition to cleaning, you can order the windows washing, carpets’ dry cleaning and other services.