Using specialized services for garbage collection, you save yourself from many difficulties: collecting, packing, loading and transportation to the place of disposal of unwanted household appliances, old household items, furniture and construction debris.

Features of the service

Not everyone knows that the debris of building materials, defective household appliances, the overall furniture, old windows are not ordinary waste. For example, air conditioners and refrigerators contain technical oil, freon, and TVs, gas stoves and washing machines - some aggressive chemical compounds.

The normal rubbish container is not a correct place for the large household items. It is necessary to export them independently and with help of specialists you can save your own energy, time and money.

What is included in the price?

By contacting professionals, you receive a full range of services in reasonable price:

  • removal of broken plaster, old tiles, dismantled doors, windows, plumbing, flooring and wall materials, waste household appliances, old furniture, etc.
  • professional loaders carry out packaging, carrying out and loading of garbage, and also cleaning after dismantle or loading
  • the ability to order the service, regardless of the time of day in any area of the city.

Recycling process

Typically, garbage collection carried out by "GAZelle" - a car that is optimal for transportation of goods up to 8-12 cubic meters and weighing up to 1.5 tons, it is the most cost-effective, agile, compact and versatile in terms of loading the vehicle. "GAZelle" is a car group "B", so it can move around the center of St. Petersburg without any restrictions.

Dumpsters are an even smaller loading height, have excellent capacity (27 cubic meters), easy to move. All these features make the use and maintenance of dumpsters simple and convenient.

Recycling is the effective protection of the environment

Using specialized services for garbage collection, you can be sure that it will be recycled and will not pollute the environment.