It’s real to prolong service life

By buying new shoes not a lot of people think at once how to prolong the term of their service. From a constant wearing your shoes can be left without heel-taps. It is important to address to studio before heel-taps finally are erased.

We offer services in heel-taps’ replacement of any diameter on heels of boots, shoes and other men's and women's shoes. At your choice - polyurethane or metal heel-taps.

If you do not want to wait for the repaired shoes a few days, you can order emergency repairs. The quality of the shoemaker will not be harmed, and ready shoes you can put on in ten to fifteen minutes.

New life for your boots

Heels rather quickly are subject to outwearing because of strong friction on the bearing surface.

We offer services in repair of heels and their replacement. Our masters can return to your shoes and boots new life.

Heels repair involves the use of the existing heel, broken or lost visual appeal. At repaire and replacment the heels, we use only proven materials and give a guarantee on the done work.

Preventive maintenance helps

In addition to the daily care of footwear (cleaning, polishing), there are other ways to extend the life of your shoes and boots. One of them is prevention.

In fact, prevention is a special sticker, which is attached to the sole of a boot factory. Installation of prevention will not only protect shoes from wearing out, but also help to avoid more serious, costly repairs. To install the reel on the shoes, you can refer to our masters.

One of the most practical materials for the prevention is a polyurethane. It can be installed on any footwear, irrespective of which is made of sole - of leather or simple material. Furthermore, polyurethane protects shoes against deformation.

That legs weren't tired

Instep is one of the most important parts of footwear. The instep is responsible for the foot position while walking, so when it wears out or erased, you feel discomfort and chafing.

We offer services for repairing or replacing the instep. In our workshop, there are all the necessary equipment, and the master has a huge experience in the repair of various levels of complexity.

Fitted shoes

Each of us is faced with a situation when your favorite shoes suddenly became close. If you want to get a professional stretching of shoes, ask our masters. Nozzles of the different size give the chance to stretch men's or women's shoes of the most different sizes and models.

We are waiting for you in our "Magazin uslug" and "Dom byta" in the shopping center "Gallery". If necessary, you can arrange the delivery of the repaired shoes at a convenient address. Delivery cost within St. Petersburg is 500 rubles.

The markup for urgency constitutes 50% of order cost