Change of places is a joyful event which is followed by feeling something new. But process of moving is perceived as something that needs just to be got through and forgotten. The cause is need to coordinate many people, to endure delay of workers, to master dreary process of packaging, in passing to watch that the favorite monitor or ware will not broken.

Comprehensive solution

The competent team of "delicate moving" comes to our aid to the people who put their time and nerves above all. They will take care of all moving worries and you will only figure out furniture arrangement.

When making the request, you can tell all the necessary details, and we will calculate the time and cost.

Your easy moving (standard package)

After ordering and evaluation begins the moving, which takes place in several stages:

  • per day you will be called to specify time; in 10 minutes before the moving, foreman will contact you
  • polite and professional team will load your property
  • things will be delivered to a new address on the chosen route
  • when unloading specialists will accurately lift cargo on any floor and placed according to your wishes

Additional services for your comfort

  1. Dismantling and then assembling furniture in a new place
  2. packing of personal belongings, carefully carried out and using modern packaging materials to avoid any damage
  3. delivery of packaging materials in advance if you want to pack your belongings yourselves
  4. The temporary deposit of items which will not be used for the repair or prevent it. Everything will be well packaged and transported to be kept in a heated and protected area

Our advantages - your nice bonuses

  1. We guarantee the safety of your belongings under the contract.
  2. We carry out all moving with use of clean furniture vans and also we guarantee timely getting and transportation.
  3. The organization of working time is well considered, our staff will be always on your doorstep on time and do everything quickly and without delay.
  4. Things are packed and transported by means of special materials which you can choose or entrust us.
  5. Works are carried out only by qualified specialists.
  6. The minimum of cares rests on your shoulders, you move with comfort and begin to enjoy the new residence.

How much does moving cost? Apartment

That we can calculate the cost of the moving, we need to estimate the amount of objects and features of their transportation. For this, you can:

  • send us photos (or a list of property) of the apartment or a room with all the transported equipment and furniture, information about the collection and delivery addresses, the availability of elevators, and a list of services you need
  • invite a specialist for evaluation. The service to organize moving of 3-room apartments (with big number of rooms) is free of charge. After a free consultation manager will inform the approximate cost of the work, and you just need to select a convenient date.

Please take into account our package offers:

How much does it cost? Office

The exact moving cost is calculated individually for you. You can estimate the approximate price drawing attention to the package offers. How to make an exact calculation?

  • we are ready to estimate moving of offices to 10 workplaces by phone, from your words or according to photos of the transported equipment
  • moving of offices more than 10 workplaces we are ready to calculate individually. For this purpose the expert will go to you and will make assessment

Our recommendations

More than fifteen years "Delicate moving" provides moving services. Our clients are absolutely medium-sized companies (five workplaces) and big holdings (more than one thousand workplaces).