5,5-6 hours

Excursion type


Place of the beginning and the end of an excursion

Nevsky Ave., 35 (Gostiny Dvor), parking of buses opposite to the Perinny Ranks art center

Time of the beginning of an excursion, frequency

Daily at 14:30 + additional excursions in other days

What’s included in the price

Transport service, guide service



  • Route: Gostiny Dvor, Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, Anchor Square, The Monument to Peter the Great, Sea-Gauge, Petrovsky dry dock, Gostiny Dvor

Kronstadt is one of the most beautiful districts of St. Petersburg, its younger brother and a reliable safeguard from the sea dangers. Our excursion will let you discover the city of the Russian seamen’s glory with its main sights and heroic history.

Mini St. Petersburg with a naval soul

Kronstadt is often referred to as a mini capital, because here you can find the Admiralty and Gostiny Dvor, Blue and Green Bridges and The Summer Garden. It even has its own cannon firing at 12 pm. Given this, you can not confuse Kronstadt with any other city, because it has a naval soul and its fate is indissolubly related to the Russian Navy.

During the excursion to the heroic Kronstadt, you will get to know the history of its construction, visit the main sights of the city: Petrovsky dock, Anchor Square with Kronstadt Naval Cathedral, see The Monument to Peter the Great and Russian seamen.

Petrovsky dock

The necessity of having a dock for repairing the ship’s bottoms became obvious with the development of the Navy. Peter I personally dealt with this issue. Based on his experience gained while visiting such constructions abroad, he designed the project of a dry dock. However, he didn’t last to see his brainchild constructed.

After the death of the Emperor, the construction works were completed. It began to operate only in times of Elizabeth Petrovna. The 2,23 km dock was able to accommodate up to 10 small ships. Today only part of it is used for its intended purpose. Its main constructions are not involved in reparation works.

Kronstadt Naval Cathedral on Anchor Square

The Anchor Square is the heart of Kronstadt. Its history can be traced back to XVIII century. The anchors of the ships were being kept here before. The Kronstadt Naval Cathedral is the crown of the Square. It is considered to be the main Cathedral of the Navy of Russia.

Its scale and beauty are just amazing. It was built in line with the proportions of Hagia Sofia. It was built to commemorate the fallen seamen of the Russian Navy for the whole period of its existence. The gorgeous inner decoration of the Cathedral consists of naval motives in the beautiful stained-glass windows, mosaic compositions and casting.