Your pet needs emergency medical care? Do not rush to take it to the hospital, as vet house call will save time and help to vet an animal.

Why is a vet house-call much better than a visit to the veterinary clinic?

It is not only time-consuming and efficient in terms of animal transportation, but there are other obvious advantages to call a vet at home. Any disease is, first and foremost, the stress for an animal, while the transportation and visit to an unfamiliar place with new noises and smells will only intensify its stress.

As a result, the feeling of physical pain may be dulled, and only upon arrival home complications can be identified. In a familiar environment the animal treatment will take place much more easily and will not cause complications, so it advised to call a practitioner directly to your place.

What is included in the price?

  • the first 10-15 minutes – the establishment of initial contact with a pet
  • examination
  • establishing diagnosis
  • treatment order

All prices do not include the cost of medicines. Medicines are paid separately.