Economy class minivan

Rental of an economy class minibus is the perfect combination of comfort level on the way and minimal rental cost. The service enables you to have a rest without any worry, to celebrate an event, meet or see off close friends as we will take care about the comfortable and safe transportation, providing timely movement along the route.

Business class minibuses

  • Spacious interior. When renting such a minibus, you get comfort of a passenger car with more seating capacity. If a saloon a car can accommodate up to 4 people, the number of passengers increases up to 9 passengers in a minivan.
  • Comfort. Business class vehicles provide maximal comfort on the way: ergonomic seats, climate control, a modern multimedia system, cup holders, folding tables, and so on.
  • High safety level. Innovative systems of active and passive safety ensure protection of a driver and all passengers.
  • Maneuverability and driving qualities. Excellent driving performance, road stability, compact size: all this makes driving and parking in a big city more convenient and faster.
  • Impressive design. If you aspire to make a special impression on your guests and business partners, to provide the best conditions during the trip, the prestigious minibus could not be better.

Our drivers

All our drivers are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in servicing various events. They are polite, punctual and attentive. Thanks to their excellent knowledge of St. Petersburg, the choice of the optimal route, minibus rental will cost you fairly little, can save time and give a good impression.