Продолжительность 1 час 15 мин
Тип эксурсии Ужин-экскурсия
Место начала и окончания  экскурсии Ресторан Дачники (Невский пр-т д.20)
Время начала экскурсии, периодичность В любой день, 17:00
Что входит в стоимость экскурсии Рассказ гида, один ужин на выбор
Язык Русский язык, английский

Dinner-excursion “Russian cuisine” is a relaxing time in one of the best Russian cuisine cafés of the city while enjoying homemade dishes and an intriguing talk about the history of Russian cuisine. Among other things you will get to know how a tsar’s feast and a peasant’s meal were taking place, how you should drink vodka correctly and what Russian modern cuisine looks like. Theory must be backed up with practice: during our meeting you are provided with a delicious dinner which will consist of the dishes you choose.