One of the most popular offers in the rental service is Ford Focus MT or AT. These vehicles successfully combine an elegant design, utility, and functionality. Their compact exterior hides a vast interior that can comfortably accommodate 5 passengers.

Ford Focus is known for its multipurpose driving characteristics and technical parameters that are almost equal to higher class vehicles. Focus is comfortable, flexible, safe, and easy in driving and is perfect for family countryside trips, sightseeing tours, transfer service at the airport or train station, shopping and many other everyday issues.


Its spacious interior with modern laconic design looks suitably and up-to-date. Car makers of this vehicle have provided everything you need to ensure comfort of a driver and passengers. Its modern air-conditioning system ensures pleasant pastime during the whole trip. The updated multimedia system now has an 8-inch touch screen, voice control as well as climate control.

Driving and safety

The recalibrated front suspension of brand-new Ford Focus has become tougher. If you are planning to move mainly around the city, be sure to pay attention to AT package.

The brand-new automatic brake assist system allows you to move safely in dense city traffic. In case of an accident, the body will take most of striking energy as it is made of steel and has high strength characteristics. Complementary to the above characteristics, it is easy in driving, so you can get a car that is able to provide its passengers with maximal safety.

Main specifications of Ford Focus

• body type – saloon

• transmission – automatic or mechanical (depending on package)

• adjustable steering column

• number of seats – 5

• trunk capacity – 467 liters

• immobilizer

• air conditioning


• airbags

• central locking

• power glass windows and mirror control switch

• modern sound system: AM/FM, CD/MP3 player, 8-inch monochrome display, 6-channel surround sound system, USB-port