When renting Robinson R44 helicopter, you will be able to move around quickly and comfortably. Forget about city traffic jams and other obstacles, which have recently prevented driving. Robinson R44 is often used for business aviation: transfers to the airport, business flights, vast areas examination, delivery of passengers and goods in the mountain areas and so on.

Business aviation, per se, is relatively new; however, citizens have already appreciated all its advantages. Today, helipads are located in different parts of St. Petersburg, which allows you to move up in the air anywhere in the city or its suburbs.

Why Robinson R44?

Light, versatile, efficient with excellent flying and technical performance, a good capacity and carrying capacity are characteristics of R44 from Robinson Helicopter Company American manufacturer. It can be rented for a flight in any area where there is a helicopter landing pad of a required size (at least 3x3 m).

Comfortable seats are equipped according to the "2+1" principle, while the lack of stop between the front and rear row seats provide excellent visibility to each crew member. Additional control elements can be installed if necessary.

Main specifications of Robinson R44 helicopter

  • type – helicab
  • flight duration – 3.5 hours
  • ultimate range – 650 km
  • seats – 4
  • maximum speed – 235 km/h
  • limiting altitude – 4250 m, working height – 1500 m
  • climbing rate – 5 m/sec
  • length with rotors – 11.75 m, height – 3.27 m
  • temperature usage conditions ranging from -50°C to +50°C